Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tommie Frazier says the '95 Huskers would beat Saban's Crimson Tide

In the mid 1990's the Nebraska Cornhuskers had a powerhouse football team. Under coach Tom Osborne's guidance the Huskers won three national championships and was very close to a fourth. No team has come close to that type of dominance until Alabama's Nick Saban led squad has put together quite a run.

The Tide have strung together three national championships and have been the flag bearer for the mighty SEC.

Former Husker quarterback Tommie Frazier was recently elected to the College Football Hall of Fame and spoke about comparing the Nebraska teams of the '90s against the Alabama teams of now. He had a lot to say and when asked who would win he was biased about his pick. He says the Huskers would'v beaten the Tide.

 "They won back-to-back championships. That right there compares," Frazier said. "But it's a different time, different era. There are some good things that they did and there are some good things that we did.

"And there will always be that burning question in everyone's mind, 'Well, which team is better?' Well, in my mind, I already know which team is better. I say it publicly all the time that I don't think there's any team out there that would have beat that '95 team.

"And over a five-year span, I don't think there's too many teams that put up a record of (60-3). Coach Osborne built something special here in the mid-90s. Even though he built something special during his whole career, for some reason those mid-90s into his last game, those were special years. And I think it's going to be hard to duplicate that."

If it wasn't for a missed last second field goal against Florida State we might not b having this conversation. we might not be having it if it wasn't for Shevin Wiggins' kicked ball that allowed Nebraska a share of the title in 1997. We could easily say the same for Alabama. If not for the politics of the BCS they wouldn't be back to back as we speak.

There was no let up in those Nebraska teams and that's where I give them a razor thin edge. despite being a modern day dynasty Bama has gone 61-7 in the same five year stretch.

It's a different era and a different time. We'll always have these debates of who was the greatest and which team was better. But that's what makes sports so great.

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