Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Florida State football player helps catch burglary suspects

When two burglars decided to break into Florida State cornerback Nick Waisome's apartment they apparently picked the wrong place.

Waisome found two burglars in his apartment on July 5 and I guess he let his emotion get the best of him because he chased them down and managed to catch one of the suspects, 34 year old Tavares Rumph.

According to Tallahassee police, Waisome caught up with one of the men in the rear of the building and knocked him down before then pursuing the second man, calling police, and preventing the man from fleeing in a friend's car.

The second suspect, 23 year old Mario Crawford got away. At least he did that time. About three weeks later Waisome

 "I figured they didn't have a gun because if they did they would've shot me," said Waisome. "But when they started running than I just decided I wanted to get one person at least," he said.

About three weeks later Waisome noticed Crawford and the getaway car at a gas station. Crawford had been wearing a pair of Waisome's shorts he obtained during the break in. Waisome contacted police again, and through his taking the car's license plate number and surveillance video, the suspect was later arrested.

Jimbo Fisher should hope that Waisome would call the police before chasing down criminals before something tragic occurred. He also should hope Waisome is adept at stopping opposing receivers as he is at fighting crime.

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