Thursday, August 8, 2013

Alonzo Mourning looking forward to working with Greg Oden

When the Miami Heat signed Greg Oden many were thinking that he would solve the team's interior woes. But Heat fans might want to be patient as Oden works his way back into shape since he hasn't played in a game since December 9, 2009.

The Heat have reached back to the past to help Oden work his way back from knee troubles. Alonzo Mourning will be working with Oden to get him back in the game. Mourning sounded excited about the prospect of working with Oden.

“Extremely excited, extremely excited,” he said by phone, “because I understand the potential that he has….

“I think we all, as an organization, are looking forward to working with him, developing him, so that he can be a part of this organization for years to come….

“I know that if healthy, the impact that he can have on this franchise,” Mourning said. “Just him being 25 years old, I feel that the longevity of the possibility of him playing, that longevity will continue to stimulate a winning opportunity with the organization.”

Mourning should curb his enthusiasm regarding Oden. If you can remember the guy has been a one man M.A.S.H unit since his days at Ohio State.

If Oden can be a marginal contributor to a championship team then this will be a success, provided he can stay healthy.

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