Monday, August 5, 2013

Draymond Green dislikes the Houston Rockets

There hasn't been any known bad blood between the Houston Rockets and the Golden State Warriors but things might start to heat up between the two teams this season.

Warriors forward Draymond Green has said that he 'dislikes' the Rockets.

During a game last February the Rockets tied a NBA record for three pointers made. Late in the game reserve guard Patrick Beverly attempted a three pointer and was fouled hard by Green. There was some back and forth between Green and others and Green was ejected from the game.

Green would consider the Rockets the Warriors' biggest rival.

“It is what it is now,”said Green.  “They hate me. I dislike them.” 

I wouldn't necessarily call the Rockets their biggest rival but things could heat up fast since the Rockets acquired Dwight Howard this offseason. Both teams should be headed to the playoffs so it could be something to keep an eye on as they battle it out for Western Conference playoff position.

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