Monday, August 19, 2013

Ex- Rams GM, Billy Devaney, doesn't think too much of the Raiders' Alex Barron

Once upon a time, Billy Devaney was the general manager of the St. Louis Rams. The team compiled a 10-38 record during his tenure (2008-2011) and because of that performance he was fired.

Devaney is now one of the contributors on ESPN's NFL Insiders show. Earlier today on the show Devaney explained that he didn't think much of Oakland Raiders offensive tackle Alex Barron.

Barron was drafted by the previous GM in St. Louis and Devaney traded him away because he didn't believe that Barron had the heart to play football. He didn't stop there and said that Barron only played football for the money. 

“He’s got the skill to play. He does not have the heart to play football. He does not like anything about the game except getting paid,” Devaney said of Barron, who is currently the starting left tackle for the Raiders.

Memo to Devaney, that's why we have jobs so that we can get paid. I'm not defending Barron because the guy is blessed with a special skill set that many of us don't have. But maybe the guy knows he has a family to feed and really doesn't care to play but he knows he can earn a large paycheck to do so. Maybe he's just that bad. I don't know.

I know I go to work to get paid, not necessarily because I love my job. On the other hand many of us out here dream or have dreamed of playing any professional sport. I know it has to burn some fans up inside knowing that someone is playing just to get paid and not because he wants to help his team win or just loves the game.

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