Saturday, August 10, 2013

Jack Clark fired over his PED remarks about Pujols and Verlander

Former major leaguer Jack Clark, who accused Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander and Anaheim Angels slugger Albert Pujols of using performance enhancing drugs, has been fired from his job as a Fox Sports Radio talk-show host, the St. Louis Dispatch is reporting.

Clark, who hit 340 home runs during an 18-year big league career, began working at WGNU-AM in St. Louis just last week. He based his accusation on conversations he said he had with Chris Mihlfeld, Pujols' former personal trainer, who worked with the Dodgers when Clark was the team's hitting coach in 2000. He also accused Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander of using PED's since he's had a dropoff in performance from previous years.

"Verlander was like Nolan Ryan, he threw 97, 98, 100 miles an hour from the first inning to the ninth inning," Clark said on WGNU-AM. "He got that big contract, now he can barely reach 92, 93. What happened to it? He has no arm problems, nothing's wrong. It's just the signs are there.

"The greed ... they juice up, they grab the money and it’s just a free pass to steal is the way I look at it."

InsideSTL Enterprises quickly distanced itself from Clark and co-host Kevin Slaten. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that the company issued a statement saying it had "terminated its relationship with Jack Clark and Kevin Slaten. As independent contractors, we want to make it clear that the opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the opinions of InsideSTL. Also as independent contractors, InsideSTL did not have editorial control over the show’s content."

"It is irresponsible and reckless for Jack Clark to have falsely accused me of using PEDs," Pujols, who is on the disabled list and did not travel with the Angels to Cleveland, said in a statement. "My faith in Jesus Christ and my respect for this game are too important to me. I would never be able to look my wife or kids in the eye if I had done what this man is accusing me of."

Pujols has threatened legal action against Clark. There has been no word on whether Verlander plans to do the same.

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