Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Barry Switzer criticizes Johnny Manziel

Texas A&M Heisman winning quarterback Johnny Manziel has been under fire for his on field antics against Rice on Saturday.  His smack talk against Rice defenders and money flashing gestures stole the show in college football last week.

Former Oklahoma Sooners and Dallas Cowboys head coach Barry Switzer became the latest to put in his two cents about Manziel's actions.

In an interview on ESPN radio Switzer voiced his displeasure with Manziel.

“I’m certainly disappointed in his actions,” Switzer said. “For him to act so arrogant,€“ I wanted to jerk his face mask and I wanted to grab him,” Switzer went on to say. “Of course you get fired for that now; in the old days you could get away with that. It’s the world we live in. It’s a misplaced value system. When I see this happen I wonder where the core value system comes from, if he has a core value system. This young man needs a damn hell of a lot of development.” 

That's a mouthful coming from Switzer. The man who used to brag about putting up "half a hundred" on inferior opponents before halftime. Toward the end of his reign at Oklahoma you couldn't help but think of Switzer anytime you heard the words "renegade program". Switzer or his players weren't exactly known for their sportsmanship.

I won't lie, I was a fan of it. But it was a moment of the pot calling the kettle black that's all.

Hopefully for Johnny Football, he'll let his play do the talking for the rest of the season.

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