Friday, September 6, 2013

Brady Hoke says Johnny Manziel would play behind Devin Gardner if he was at Michigan

Michigan head coach Brady Hoke made an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show to hype the upcoming game between Michigan and Notre Dame.

This game will be the last in the storied rivalry until further notice due to Notre Dame's ACC commitments.

During a question and answer session of the interview Hoke was asked about Texas A&M's Heisman winning quarterback Johnny Manziel. The answer Hoke gave Patrick surprised many.

Patrick:    "If Johnny Manziel's your quarterback …"

Hoke: "If Johnny Manziels's our quarterback, he'd probably be playing behind Devin Gardner"

"We try and educate the kids here that this has always been about the team, the team, the team," Hoke said. "If they're going to celebrate and they're going to express themselves, do it with your teammates. Do it with the other 10 guys who are on the field that helped you make whatever great play happen where you feel you need to celebrate. Grab a teammate. Get together with them."

Hoke isn't knocking Manziel's ability, just his character and being a good teammate.

Hoke obviously has faith in Gardner despite his relative inexperience, but any coach in the nation would probably take Manziel over their current starter unless it's Teddy Bridgewater or Tajh Boyd. If I left anyone out let me know.

This is what Hoke does. He sells his program and his players. He's all about Michigan and is intent on getting the Michigan brand into the conversation when you mention the elite programs in America. Besides, as a coach you have to pimp your own quarterback, even if he only has seven career starts under his belt.

Instilling trust in your players is part of your job, and this was the perfect answer.

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