Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New York Giants sign Peyton Hillis

The New York Giants are desperate for a running back. Peyton Hillis wants to resurrect his career. Today Hillis and the Giants made their marriage official.

Hillis was signed Wednesday after a five man tryout. The Giants are hoping he can be as productive as he was when he rushed for 1,177 yards in 2010 for the Cleveland Browns. Hillis is hoping that he gets a chance to show that he still has something left after stints in Cleveland, Kansas City, and Tampa Bay.

 "I firmly believe I never had too much of an opportunity after I left Cleveland," Hillis said. "I was behind Jamaal Charles at Kansas City. I didn't get too much playing time. I felt when I got in I did well. And then I was in Tampa and never really got to touch the field because of Doug Martin. He's pretty good."

The Giants currently have Brandon Jacobs as their feature back and seventh round pick Michael Cox on the roster. David Wilson is also there but he won't be available for another three weeks.

Hillis views this as a second chance of sorts. He knows he won't be featured but with the Giants woes in the backfield he could have his number called quite a bit this Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings.

 "I'm coming in with an open heart and open mind," Hillis said, "and I'm looking to do whatever the coaching staff needs me to do to help this team win."

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