Monday, November 25, 2013

Jerry Glanville wants to coach Eastern Michigan

Jerry Glanville wants to be a head coach again and he's hoping that Eastern Michigan will give him another shot at coaching glory.

The former Atlanta Falcons and Houston Oilers coach told the USA Today that he has applied for the job and can be the man that turns around the perrennial Mid American conference losers.

"I love coaching football," Glanville said. "The bottom line is coaches coach, preachers preach. They do that until they put them in the box."

Glanville said he has not spoken directly to EMU about the job but has several assistants in mind for his potential staff.

“The fun of Eastern is you’re not going to walk into the living room and take a kid away from Ann Arbor,” Glanville said. “You’ve got to get the kid that, two years after you got him, Ann Arbor wishes they have.”

“I know the history. I know it’s been hard, it’s been tough,” Glanville said. “Will there be challenges? Anytime you take a head job, whether you’re with the Lions or Eastern Michigan, your job is to keep the bus going down the road, and there’s going to be flat tires. Things are going to go wrong. Well, you keep the bus going down the road, and that’s really what these jobs are all about. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at.”

Former EMU quarterback Ron Adams, ex-Michigan running back Tyrone Wheatley, now an assistant with the Buffalo Bills, former Miami (Ohio) coach Mike Haywood, and Notre Dame offensive coordinator Chuck Martin, previously with Grand Valley State are also rumored to be candidates for the job.

Glanville would be the face of the program and generate plenty of buzz, but at 72 I don't think he would be a serious candidate for the job. He's more sizzle than steak and i don't think he's someone you arm with a five year contract to rebuild your college football program.

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