Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Jaguars, Jones-Drew marriage could go on after this season

One would have to think that Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew, would be on the first plane out of Jacksonville when his contract expires after this season and sign with a contender.

A lot of us would be wrong on thinking Jones-Drew wants out. It's quite the contrary. There is talk that the Jaguars are willing to give Jones-Drew another contract. At the right price.

General manager David Caldwell would like him to come back and head coach Gus Bradley would also like him in the locker room. Jones-Drew, who many thought would be cool to the idea, actually buys in to the direction of the franchise.

"I want to be here," Jones-Drew said. "It's a fun environment. It's different than I've ever been a part of. It works. It takes time to build anything. It's starting to turn around for us, and we're starting to play well. That's exciting."  

"Seeing what I've seen and been through the business part of it, you want to work that thing out as best as possible," Jones-Drew said. "But sometimes it doesn't do that. We've seen it. Look at Peyton Manning. Who would have thought he wouldn't be playing for the Colts right now.

"It happens. Hopefully, things work out well. And if they do, we'll be back."

There is talk of the team offering Jones-Drew an incentive laden two year deal worth $10 million.

Bradley gives a lot of credit to Jones-Drew for being a professional, when he could have been a headache. Being an elite running back having to share carries with the likes of Jordan Todman, playing through injuries, and being in a rebuilding situation can make one a malcontent. Not so says Bradley.

''He's been great, he really has been,'' Bradley said. ''When you're an elite running back - he had like 1,600 yards - those guys want the ball all the time. It's a different mindset now. When you say, 'Let's try this,' he could bow up. He could say, 'What's going on?'

''And if he did do that, I would understand. He fought it a little bit, then he said 'OK.' I'm sure he's not waving pompoms and is ecstatic over it. But the truth of the matter is he's doing better.''   

I guess Jones- Drew likes where he is and that's a good thing. He understands the nature of the business and wants to be part of the change in Jacksonville.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear. Not just for MJD, but if there's a good word being spread of change in JAX that will help greatly in securing other free agents in the coming years.

Chris Edwards said...

You're right. With a player like MJD wanting to be there it could influence others when choosing whom to play for.