Monday, December 9, 2013

Tom Izzo to Michigan State students: 'Learn how to celebrate something with some class'

After Saturday night's stirring win over Ohio State in the Big Ten championship game, some students in East Lansing decided to take their celebrations over the top.

This has become a recurring theme in East Lansing as every time Michigan State comes up with a big win in football or basketball, celebrations turn into civil disturbances. The school has a reputation with setting furniture, and other things on fire.  

“It’s more tradition than anything,” Michigan State senior Joe Sheena told the Lansing State Journal. “We’re not a school of pyromaniacs.”

Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo would like to see that "tradition" done away with.

Izzo said he was "disgusted" at how the students celebrated the big win Saturday night. I can see why when there was a reported 57 fires and 12 students arrested.

Izzo later said that the students need to learn how to celebrate with some class.  

"If we really want to show the class that I think we are, then we better start walking it and learning how to celebrate something with some class, with some dignity," said Izzo, whose team's success has preceded couch-burnings in the past.

"If football wins a championship, I don't expect the players to be out causing all those problems. Why do we expect any less of our students?"

"We can't do something that puts an incredible star on our university and then do something two hours later that puts an incredible dent on our university," Izzo said.

I agree with Izzo. Celebrate, but do it responsibly. Every time the Spartans get a big win others figure that East Lansing will have a near riot. If the Spartans compete for a national championship in basketball all eyes will be on that city to see what foolishness they can catch on camera.

Another black eye for East Lansing and  Michigan State.  

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