Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hoping the Lions can get it right

I hate to admit it to others, but i am a diehard Detroit Lions fan.I know, i know, they're the butt of jokes all the and are constantly ridiculed.From ownership down they've been a farce of an NFL franchise.Also, it's pretty bad when the glory days are before my time and the early to mid 90's when they made the playoffs only to make a quick exit.Those days, the Wayne Fontes days, were exciting and also frustrating as they teased us and gave us Lions fans false hope.Look up the 58-37 beatdown in the 95 playoffs and you'll know what i'm talking about.Don't even get me started with the Millen error.He sold us a bad bill of goods.Remember him coming in saying "I want to win and win now", pounding his fist on the podium.Hiring Marty Mornhinweg, who they should've let Cleveland hire started it all.Fast forward to now and I think they might have actually got it right this time around.The jury is still out on Martin Mayhew and Tom Lewand in the front office.They seem competent though and might be the people to get this franchise turned around.I think they had a decent draft, although i really didn't care for the Matthew Stafford selection.Mayhew made so decent free agent signings and trades.Also, the big one to many in this area was the hiring of the coach,Jim Schwartz.Many here in the Detroit area are hungry for a winner,and feel Schwartz may be the guy to bring one to town.Even though they currently stand at 1-5, i feel he doesn't try to sell us on false hope and tells it like it is.Check out what he said about the second half of the Chicago game.He knows it'll take time to build a winner here, but he also has to convince the players they are a good football team.Changing the culture will be difficult, be he seems committed to getting the job done.Let's hope ownership will have patience and give him the time to get the job done.He actually seems like a real coach, something that hasn't been around here for awhile.Give him time and he will get it done, i have confidence and patience.Like I mentioned before, let's hope ownership and fans for that matter give him the time to do the job.

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