Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My thoughts on the NFL: Week 6, my power rankings

Just my thoughts on the nfl in week 6.Dante Wesley of the Carolina Panthers gets special mention for the whack job he did on Tampa Bay's Clifton Smith.More on that later.

1.New Orleans Saints-They were impressive in their beatdown of the Giants.They were at home for that game and they also have to prove they can win in the elements provided they don't get homefield in the playoffs.

2.Denver Broncos-This team has finally won me over.After a dominating performance over the Chargers on the road no less, proved to me that they are for real.Kyle Orton has been very good as a "game manager".

3.Minnesota Vikings-Sometimes its better to be lucky than good.The defense seems to have let up a bit, but the offense is starting to click.

4.Indianapolis Colts-Idle this week.The rest gives them time to rest and recharge for week 7.

5.New York Giants-The G-men dropped a few notches after being dismantled by the Saints.Still the best in the NFC East, and top 3 in the conference.

6.New England Patriots-The Pats seem  to be finally clicking.Even at a #6 ranking still a force to be reckoned with.The team to beat in the AFC East.

7.Atlanta Falcons-Had a tough, hard nosed win over the Bears, going into this week's showdown with the Saints.The defense will have to keep the high flying Saints grounded.Can't really afford a shootout.

8.Pittsburgh Steelers-This might be a little low for them at this point.Another team that seems to finally be clicking.The backfield will be really dangerous when Willie Parker comes back healthy.

9.Green Bay Packers-Playing the Lions might be the tonic this team needs.Has to cut out the penalties if they want to hang with elite.

10.Cincinnati Bengals-Don't drink the kool aid just yet.The cardiac cats couldn't pull off another comeback against Houston.Still not completely sold on this team yet.

11.Baltimore Ravens-Another loss in heartbreaking fashion.The offense is doing a lot better than many have thought.The defense will get back to their hard hitting ways.Hopefully its sooner than later.

12.Philadelphia Eagles-This team is puzzling.Losing to the Raiders was inexcusable.Why does it seem Donovan McNabb seems to forget about certain game situations.First the Super Bowl, then not knowing games end in a tie, now not knowing how many timeouts he has.Puzzling.

13.Arizona Cardinals-Will the real Cardinals please stand up.Are they the team that has looked good for the last 2 weeks, or the team that was throttled by the Colts.

14.Chicago Bears-Jay Cutler, and this team as a whole needs to cut down on the mistakes.They should be better than they are.

15.Dallas Cowboys-Even though they have a winning record and were idle this week, they are fradulent until proven otherwise.Roy Williams has been a big disappointment.

16.New York Jets-Somewhere down the line the Sanchez mistakes will hurt them.If the running game and defense can keep them in it, the mistakes won't hurt as much.

17.San Diego Chargers-A team that is grossly overacheiving for the talent it has on the field.The defense  can't stop anyone and the o-line can't block anyone.If Norv Turner's not on the hot seat, he should be.Fraudulent until proven otherwise.

18.Houston Texans-Finally starting to play some good ball.Needs to get the running game going.Defense is solid.Things are looking up down in Houston.

19.San Francisco 49ers-I like Mike Singletary and what he's doing out there in frisco.They're still a few years away, but do benefit in playing in a pretty weak division.

20.Miami Dolphins-Idle this week.Not yet a bonafide playoff contender.They are tough and will give teams a run for their money.Let Chad Henne get some receivers around him and they will be downrgight scary.

21.Carolina Panthers-They just seem dysfunctional right now. Jake Delhomme still seems shell shocked over his playoff performance.He better step it up because they have no one behind him.

22.Jacksonville Jaguars-Very inconsistent.Inconsistent with few playmakers, even though others are starting to step it up(Mike Sims-Walker).Still no excuse to let the lowly Rams hang around.

23.Seattle Seahawks-I really don't know what to make of this team.When they are healthy they are dangerous,which happens to be few and far between.      

24.Washington Redskins-This team is in trouble.Overpriced and underachieving has gotten Jim Zorn mighty  close to Dan Snyder's sharp axe.They should be better with one of the easier 6 game stretches to start season.

25.Buffalo Bills-They looked like they had some promise at the start of the season.Now it looks like a lost season.How long before T.O. starts talking his way out of town, although this one really isn't his fault.

26.Detroit Lions-Even after being dogged in Green Bay, they are the best out of a bad bunch.They have a bye week and can use that time to heal up.Still need to upgrade the talent level.

27.Kansas City Chiefs-Not looking like the easy win that it looked like at the start.Chiefs are starting to slowly get it together.Just need to get more out of Larry Johnson while he's still there.A tradeable commodity they should definitely try to get something for him in the offseason.

28.Oakland Raiders-Got a win over the Eagles, who i think overlooked the Raiders.Nonetheless it looked like pride finally kicked in for the Raiders.The defense is this team's calling card and stepped up big time last week.The offense has a long way to go.

29.Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Raheem Morris is just trying to put his stamp on the team at this point.Its gonna be a long winter down in Tampa, and an equally long rebuilding project.

30.Tennessee Titans-Clearly not as bad as the 59-0 trucking they got by New England.Going through a bad stretch right now, let's hope they didn't quit on coach Jeff Fisher, one of the good guys in the NFL.Who knew Albert Haynesworth and Jim Schwartz meant so much to the Titans.

31.Cleveland Browns-The Browns are just a bad football team. They have no answer at quarterback, play in a tough division, and really have no identity on what they want to be.Eric Mangini probably wishes he was back with  the Jets right about now.

32.St.Louis Rams-How Jacksonville let this team hang with them is beyond me.Another bad football team that needs playmakers on both sides of the ball.

Even though this hit was illegal as a crime on the street, i loved it. Definitely the whack job of the week.

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