Friday, February 5, 2010

I love the Super Bowl. I hate the show

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the greatest sporting days of all time.Maybe the greatest.The buildup to the game can usually provide some candid moments.Like the Raiders' Barrett Robbins going out on a bender the night before the game.Or Jim McMahon mooning a helicopter.How about Hollywood Henderson saying that Terry Bradshaw couldn't spell cat if you spotted him the c and a.The most comical to me,although some may beg to differ,was when Eugene Robinson,then of the Atlanta Falcons, was busted by an undercover cop for soliciting sex.Me and my friend had jokes for days about that one.The part I hate is that they've made the game more of a show.
  Everyone talks about,no pun intended, who the entertainment is.This year is happens to be The Who,although a much watered down version.The game has become more about commercials,entertainment,and celebrities.Taking the focus off the two teams playing in it.Granted,there have been some lousy games(Patriots vs. Bears anyone),but I don't want to turn on the news the next day hearing people talk about how much that Tostitos ad cost,or how great the King Cobra malt liquor commercial was.Or who was at the game.I'm sure if tickets weren't so much you would have more pure fans showing up to the game.I don't give a damn about who partied where and what the halftime entertainment is.I can understand you want the fans to enjoy themselves,but I don't care if they trotted out Coco the birthday chimp for entertainment.I do like the commercials,just stop trying to make them bigger than the game.Same goes for the halftime entertainment.I just want a good game,with the usual buildup and a player making an ass out of themeselves before the game.There's never a shortage of those,but recently it seems to be kind of dry.Off the field the ghost of Max McGee couldn't spice this one up.Anyway,this should be one of the better games we've had recently.

Colts 34
Saints 21   

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