Friday, February 5, 2010


Rumor has it that Isiah Thomas could be next in line to lead the eternally cursed Los Angeles Clippers.A source close to the situation says Thomas has been contacted about taking over as coach,GM,and president.This would be yet another bad decision in Clipperland. This is after Mike Dunleavy stepped down as coach.but is staying on as GM.
  I like the Clippers for some odd reason and would hope that they could finally get their house in order.But even a basketball genius couldn't get them on track as long as Donald Sterling is in control.I like Isiah Thomas.He singlehandedly made my hometown Detroit Pistons a relevant NBA team.Although I feel he got a raw deal with the Indiana Pacers,he made some downright boneheaded moves when he was in charge of the New York Knicks.This would be a match made in hell.It would further sully Thomas' name in the NBA,after a brilliant Hall Of Fame career.And you know Sterling wouldn't give Thomas much to work with.If you think I'm wrong,go ask Paul Silas.You know Thomas is itching to get back in the NBA,but this would be a dastardly move that wouldn't be good for anyone.It should be thanks,but no thanks for Thomas.Stay at Florida International an build your name up again and maybe a better situation might come along. 

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