Sunday, February 7, 2010

Old,bitter quaterbacks

First we had to hear Fran Tarkenton go all bitter old man on Brett Favre,mostly for being a former Packer now quarterbacking the Vikings.I believe it had something to do with Favre possibly getting the Lombardi Trophy to Minnesota.Something he wasn't able to accomplish in his storied,Hall Of Fame career.Now there is the Joe Theismann shot at Tim Tebow.I'm not the biggest Tebow fan,but he's taken enough about his possible NFL prospects.Theismann was quoted as saying"Obviously they don't teach throwing the football at Florida.I'm no football historian,as Theismann's college days were a bit before my time.But if I can remember,Notre Dame wasn't throwing it all over the yard during your playing days either Joe.Just leave Tebow alone and let it all play out.Odds are he won't be a quarterback,but he at least deserves a shot to try.At least Tebow wore a real helmet.     

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