Monday, February 8, 2010

Saints were super,but you can't pin the loss on Manning

The New Orleans Saints are the Super Bowl Champions.It was hard fought and well deserved.Down early 10-0 the Saints never wavered from their gameplan.Play keepaway from Peyton Manning.It was clear which team was the agressor and which team played on their heels the entire night.Even though Drew Brees threw the ball around,they were short, precise passes that chewed up much of the clock.The defense stepped up big time and showed that they are capable of shutting down a top notch offfense.The Colts had their chances to make this outcome different.I won't blame coaching,but there was no way that Matt Stover should've been attempting a 51 yard field goal.They should have tried to shorten the distance instead of going for it all with the incomplete pass to Austin Collie.The Colts didn't get her playing it safe,but sometimes you have to.If anything maybe they should've tried to pin the Saints deep in their own end.Another thing I noticed was that it seemed like Reggie Wayne was shortarming passes all game.That eventually came back to haunt them,when he cut his route short on Tracy Porter's game clinching pick 6.I wasn't in the huddle so I don't know what play was called,but it looked like he sat on his break,while Porter jumped the route.I know,Manning was the one who threw the ball.Being a watcher of bad football for years(I'm a Lions fan),I know when receivers run bad routes.That's why I say you can't blame Manning for the loss.He didn't have his greatest game,and I know the quarterback is supposed to be your leader,but he can't go out and defend passes and tackle the opposing running back either.Overall,it was a good game and the Saints defense showed me alot.With a lot of key players in their last year of their contract,they might not have this oppurtunity again.The players and fans should enjoy this,as they've been through hard times and lean years in the Big Easy.The Colts had a great season and have nothing to be ashamed of.They will be back and hopefully Manning can shake the choker label and get another ring.

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