Friday, April 16, 2010

30 for 30 specials I'd like to see

The Network,otherwise known as ESPN,has a good thing going with the 30 for 30 productions. The independently made short films gives the viewer a behind the scenes look at some of the events that,how do I say this,changed sports or had an effect on society in some way.The inside stories on subjects such as the USFL,the Holmes-Ali fight,Len Bias' overdose,Allen Iverson's role in the bowling alley brawl,and my personal favorite ,"The U",about the University of Miami Hurricanes rise to college football dominance.Even though there are more episodes in the works,here's some I would like to see.

Jerry Tarkanian and his reign at UNLV-This one would be right up there with "The U".Tarkanian and his teams were known for there outlaw image,but won a lot of games.It could also chronicle his never ending fight with the NCAA.I would want to know the truth behind the Duke loss,which many seem to think was thrown.

The fall of Michigan basketball-This could be a mini series alone.Michigan was prominent in basketball circles from the early 80s with Bill Frieder as coach,until the infamous 1996 rollover that got the NCAA involved with what was really going on in Ann Arbor.People with inside information knew Ed Martin had been inside the program since the 80s.This could cover the Frieder era,Steve Fisher and the Fab Five,the rollover and subsequent fall of the Michigan basketball program.

Don Denkinger's blown call-I would like to know what Denkinger thought he saw when he called Jorge Orta safe and pretty much cost the St. Louis Cardinals the 1985 World Series.

Anything on how Ralph Sampson's career fell like a house of cards-Sampson looked like he was gonna be a Hall of Famer early on,then the bottom fell out on his NBA career.

The Kentucky basketball scandal-The infamous Fed Ex envolope sent to Chris Mills' dad and how Kentucky was caught with their hand in the cookie jar.Hell,they took it and ran out the back door.Eddie Sutton was a good coach and had a great career,but everyone acts as if the guy was completely honest.

The ressurection of Kentucky basketball-As quickly as the Wildcats fell on hard times,Rick Pitino revived it.

Behind the scenes of the best years of Minnesota basketball-It seems the Golden Gophers aren't good unless they're cheating.Look how the Jim Dutcher and Clem Haskins era's ended.On probation.

Michael Jordan's 63 point tea party-I would like to know the level of trash talk that went on during that game.

The brutal fight between Nigel Benn and Gerald McClellan-To me, a story that must be told.A highly entertaining fight,that was very brutal.Benn suvived this war,but McClellan was lucky to just survive.McClellan went into a coma for 11 days and the end result from this fight was permanent brain damage. 

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