Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cap room doesn't guarantee free agents will come

Going into the NBA offseason there will be plenty of big name free agents to go after.This will be known as the summer of Lebron,but there is more than him to go after.Chris Bosh,Dwayne Wade,Joe Johnson,Amare Stoudemire will also be available.There are teams that have cleared out cap space in hopes of landing one or maybe two big names on the market.However,that doesn't guarantee that the free agents will come just because the money's there.Ask the Chicago Bulls,who thought after the big three of Jordan,Pippen,and Rodman left that they would be able to rebuild quickly.They didn't and are now just starting to become relevant again.My thought is that Bosh and Wade both want to win and will end up playing with each other.Or that Bosh will wind up wherever Lebron or Wade are playing at.Knicks,Bulls,Clippers,Kings,and Wizards fans shouldn't get there hopes up this free agency period.Strangely,Clippers owner Donald Sterling says he wants to win now.That remains to be seen.With the playoffs looming,free agency and the NBA draft,it's shaping up to be an interesting summer. 

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