Wednesday, April 7, 2010

NCAA is hypocritical with possible expansion

With the possible expansion to 96 teams in the NCAA tournament,it seems hypocritical that the NCAA would do this,but won't consider a college football playoff system.Just like the current system in college football,an expansion would allow the rich to get richer in college basketball.Just like how the NCAA allows the BCS conferences(Big Ten,Big 12,ACC,Big East,Pac-10,SEC) to get the lion's share of the money when it comes to the postseason,allowing 96 teams in the NCAA tournament would do the same.It wouldn't allow a mid major such as this year's Butler team to advance to the Final Four.Come on.Do you really think a team from a conference such as the Horizon or Summit league would get a high seed and a bye in the tournament,no matter how their regular season resume looks.You would get more mediocre teams from the BCS conferences getting in.True,there may be some deserving teams that get snubbed,but do we really need to see teams from power conferences with 17 or 18 wins getting into the tournament.Its nothing more than giving a larger slice of the pie to the bigger conferences.You may see a team that goes 24-6 and misses the tournament for a team that goes 17-14.Coaches would also be rewarded for mediocrity,just like a coach going 6-6 in football."Hey,you made the tournament so we won't fire you!"
  The way the tournament is set up is fine as it is.If you expand it,mybe a few teams here and there.MAYBE.There's no day like Selection Sunday and the first weekend of the tournament.Don't dilute it by putting unworthy teams in the big dance.

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