Saturday, April 24, 2010

If Blazers stay healthy they could be elite

I'm not saying the Portland Trailblazers are on the cusp of an NBA championship in the next few years.They are on the right track on getting back to where the franchise was a threat during their heyday in the 90s.They are stocked with talent from the starters to the bench.The big problem they have is staying healthy.If they could stay healthy I feel this team could be truly special and become a dominant force in th Western Conference for years to come.Brandon Roy is the unquestioned leader of this team.Lamarcus Aldridge is very solid number two option behind Roy.They still have to shore up the point guard spot,but they are well stocked at small forward and shooting guard.I'm not ready to give up on Greg Oden just yet,but it seems anytime he hits the floor he gets hurt.Listen Blazer fans,Oden wasn't going to be the savior of the franchise and never will be.I also don't think he will be a stiff,which so many "true" NBA centers turn out to be.If he can stay fully healthy, along with some of his teammates,he could be a dominant defensive force,a strong rebounder and if he can convert about 4 or 5 putbacks he could be a very solid player.If this team isn't ravaged by injury,ego,and free agency they could be the next dominant team out West.

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