Saturday, April 24, 2010

NFL is more fun when teams are trading

Nowdays it seems more NFL teams are doing some wheeling and dealing.I like it.It makes the offseason more fun and interesting when there is news about who might get traded and where.Also there is the fact of which teams can help themselves through trades.In days 2 and 3 of the NFL draft there were a lot more teams trading than there were in the past.The New York Jets,Detroit Lions,and Philadelphia Eagles have been doing more than anyone this offseason.The Jets are trying to win a championship,the Eagles are trying to rebuild on the fly,and the Lions are just trying to improve.The Jets have helped themselves the most up to this point,the Lions haven't done that bad this offseason,further distancing themselves from the Matt Millen "error" er,era,and the Eagles are remaking their team and the jury is still out.There is a lot of NFL offseason left and plenty more moves to be made before next September.

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