Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mayweather was Money Saturday night.

Going into Saturday night's Shane Mosley vs. Floyd Mayweather fight, i thought that Mosley had a chance of winning.I didn't say he would win,I just thought that he had power and skill that Mayweather never went up against.I felt that if Mosley could get a few good shots in early,it would force Mayweather into a brawl and that's not his style.I was partially right,as Mosley got to Mayweather early,but it was straight up "Money" the rest of the way.
    Floyd Mayweather thorouhgly dominated last night's fight with a display of speed,flair and occasional power that wore down Mosley and left him visibly tired.The first round was a feeling out process and Mosley clearly dominated the action in the second round.He rocked Mayweather with a couple of rights that left the Money Man staggering and holding on.But,Mosley was unable to finish him off.A testament to what a great fighter Mayweather is.After that Mayweather,who is known as a defensive fighter,steadily walked down Mosley and wore him out.At times it looked like Mayweather was hitting a speed bag,as he connected on numerous straight right hands that snapped Mosley's head.Mayweather also proved that he has a helluva boxing IQ that is matched by any of the fighters of today.Skeptics will say he beat an old fighter.I say that's a big bunch of bull,because no one was saying that after he Mosley stopped Antonio Margarito.For most of the night Mayweather made Mosley look amateurish and outclassed.From the eighth round on it looked like Mosley was breathing hard and looking to just finish on his feet.
  Mayweather is the class of the welterweight division and the face of boxing.He's the only man that really sells fights.The next hurdle for him should be Manny Pacquiao. But due to Mayweather's insistence on the olympic style blood and urine testing,that fight may never happen.Mayweather says he just wants to fight on a level playing field and I can understand that.And if Manny has nothing to hide,why doesn't he comply.This fight has to be made,as its the only big money megafight that could draw any interest to boxing.

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