Saturday, May 29, 2010

File this under things I think I think

The demise of the Boston Celtics was greatly exaggerated.The Celtics hammered the Orlando Magic in game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals,making their second trip in three years to the NBA finals.I was one of the non-believers who figured the Celtics were done and went as far as saying this was thier last stand and with hardly any help on the horizon.I couldn't have been more wrong.Rajon Rondo has played like he's one of the all time greats,they've ramped up the defense,and have been fairly efficient on offense.Add to that,that the bench has been pretty good to.Right now I have to give them the nod over the Los Angeles Lakers or Phoenix Suns,because of the way they've defended throughout the postseason.Phoenix plays no defense and they Lakers have been somewhat exposed and have a hobbled Andrew Bynum.Its too early to crown a champion,but if I were a betting man,I'd put my money on Boston.   

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