Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Some Lakers need to stop playing scared

Kobe Bryant is right.His teammates need to man up and play ball. Despite being the defending champions, some Lakers aren't getting rid of the notion that they're soft. Going into a possible season ending Game 6, Bryant seemed to questions some of his teammates' toughness. I really don't like to see a player calling out his teammates,but in this case Bryant may be right. No one besides him seemed to show up for Game 5. Andrew Bynum gets a pass because he's basically playing on one leg. I'll also give "crazy" Ron Artest a pass since for the first four games, he had Paul Pierce shackled. But the rest of the gang needs to step up if the Lakers stand a chance to make it to Game 7 and attempt to sweep the next two games. Pau Gasol seemed to shed the soft label after last season's finals, but he hasn't done anything to change my opinion of him. A good player, but a traditional European softy. Lamar Odom has regressed to floating, the story of his whole career. The rest just haven't made the most of their opportunities. Bottom line, if the Lakers want to live to see another day, tonight is the night to lay it all on the line, because tomorrow may be too late. 

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