Friday, June 18, 2010

Iverson wants back in

According to reports and his manager, Allen Iverson is eyeing a comeback. I say good for him. He also needs to get a clue. He clearly isn't the player he once was and doesn't have the star power he once had. I've always said that ther is a role for him in the league. That would be as a gunner off the bench,that can also finish off a game, or spell an injured starter. He's no longer a 30-40 minutes per game player. He can still play and I think he should have a better swan song than being a borderline quitter.He'll never be an all star player again,but I've been wrong before.I never bought the "retirement" talk he gave last season.Fans and opposing players as well as Iverson himself knows he still has more game than a lot of the players in the league today. 

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