Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Buddyball Era

Once LeBron James joined Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade in Miami, two of his closer friends in the NBA, I said it was the start of buddyball. Now it seems like New Orleans Hornets point guard Chris Paul wants in on the action. Not necessarily going to play in Miami, but calling for a trade where there is an established superstar. He wants a trade unless the Hornets can convince him that they're willing to become a contender. As of now I don't see that happening in New Orleans at this moment due to the slow pace of an ownership change.

I can understand wanting to win, but don't try to pout your way out of town. Making a trade demand makes you look like a spoiled child. By trying to go to a team that has a big time player is only saying I want to play with my boys. Especially in the light of the Miami 3 get together. Players must remember this is basketball not the get along gang. Saying he wants to go to New York, Orlando, Dallas, and Portland. All teams that are playoff contenders, with the exception of the Knicks. But the Knicks do have Amare Stoudemire,supposedly one of Paul's "boys". I'm no insider, but Stoudemire said he could deliver Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks if he signed there and Paul said that he, Anthony and Stoudemire would form a "big three" in New York  at Anthony's wedding. Here's the thing Chris, management holds the cards. They're not going to trade you for a bag of basketballs and the towel boy. If the Hornets do trade you, they have to get fair value. It's a business. I know the Hornets have never been the ideal franchise, they still have to trot out a good product to keep the fans interest and make money.

Personally, I get tired of athletes making these kind of demands. Paul should've thought about this when he signed his contract extension in 2008. I understand the Hornets appeared on the cusp after taking the defending champion San Antonio Spurs to seven games. But he should've tried to look at the bigger picture. Hey, money talks doesn't it? That was as good as it was going to get with the way the team was constructed. But he signed on for more and now he wants out. Unless some team gives up a king's ransom for Paul, he ain't going nowhere. Unless some GM pulls out a handgun and pantyhose and completely robs the Hornets. Right now the best option is to just try and get his team back to the playoffs.

Fans,buddyball is here, whether you like it or not.   

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