Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tigers just don't have enough

The Detroit Tigers have put themselves in a position to contend for the AL Central division title. Not a big deal if your a Yankees or Red Sox fan. It's a big deal to be playing competitive baseball in August and September considering where they were at the beginning of the decade. As a Tigers fan, personally I'd like to just get to the playoffs. Deep down I'd like a whole lot more, just like a lot of others up here in Southeastern Michigan. I would like this team to be a force like they were in the 80s. I grew up watching them contend in the tough AL East and win a World Series. I want them to be able to be like the Yankees, Red Sox, or Cardinals where year after year they are in the conversation about the World Series.

This year in particular will be tough for Tigers fans. It seems a lot of them have aa clouded view of this team. You hear it everyday on sports talk radio. All we need is another bat or another top end starter for the rotation. The Tigers won't get them because they don't have enough. There are more flaws on this team than fans will admit to. They don't have any bonafide starters for their pitching rotation. Not enough depth in the positional player category. Or enough depth in the minors to go get a difference maker in a trade. They're tied in to some bad contracts. They have dead money on the payroll.

There's a debate whether they should be buyers or sellers at the trade deadline. I say stand pat. Wait for some of that dead money to come off the books in  the offseason. If you can get rid of Magglio Ordonez or Carlos Guillen for some good young talent, do it. I know that's a stretch, but with the recent events in Tigerland it's something to think about. Brandon Inge in gone for 4-6 weeks. Don't panic. I know there's not much behind him, due to a lack of dept in the minors, but don't trade for someone that may not help you anyway. Remember Jarrod Washburn and Aubrey Huff last year. I'm not saying to give up on the season, just play solid baseball, see what you have for the future and put that new money to good use in the offseason. Fans, face it,this team is fools gold and it's about time some of you realized it.    

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