Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ex-Michigan Hoopsters Report

To whom it may interest, I'm just keeping Michigan basketball fans in the know aboutsome of the recent ex Wolverines trying to make it in the NBA or elsewhere.

DeShawn Sims-Has a spot with the Boston Celtics summer league team. Don't know how well he's doing. Could be NBDL bound and a possible late season call up. Tryingto make it to training camp right now.

Courtney Sims-I hear he might actually earn a spot with the Lakers. He's averaging around 12 and 6 in summer league play. Averaged 18 and 9(I could be wrong) in the NBDL last year. He's spent time with the Pacers and Knicks the past few years. I hope he's toughned up from his Michigan days.

Chris Hunter- I know he played in the NBDL and also earned a call up from the Golden State Warriors. He could possibly earn a spot on the opening night roster.

Manny Harris-He probably faces the steepest climb of them all. He has the ability but probably should've stayed his senior season in college. Currently on the Cleveland Cavaliers summer league roster. He's played only five minutes though, due to a "severe" ankle sprain. Last game he was in street clothes. Not a good sign. Probably suited for overseas duty or the NBDL.  

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