Friday, July 9, 2010

Gilbert Is Being Foolish

With the LeBron James "decision" brings the question, where is the loyalty in sports? Quick answer. Never has,never will be. Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert found this out the hard way. Now he's acting like an angry ex wife whose husband has decided that he wants to move on because he knows things aren't going to work out.

Thing is,Gilbert tried a dirtbag move when he tried to pry Tom Izzo out of Mchigan State. Nevermind the fact that Michigan is the place where Izzo was born and raised and he bleeds green and white. He fired a coach and general manager that got the Cavaliers to their only Finals appearance in franchise history. There's no loyalty there. So,of course when James skips town, he questions his loyalty to the franchise, city of Cleveland, and the state of Ohio. Furthermore, selling James' Fathead for $17.41. The year 1741 is Benedict Arnold's birth year.

I can understand his frustration. He just doesn't have to act like a child that didn't get his way. Cavalier fans were already running around burning James jerseys and the way it was going it could've been a near riot.Then Gilbert writes his open letter to te fans to further stir up the hornets nest. I do see where he's coming from. Circling the wagons, rallying the fans, to keep some interest in his team. Especially since its value is losing millions as we speak. With the open letter, he might have saved a little value. But we all know that the Cavs are gonna be worth a 77 Pinto and a bag of hockey pucks when its all said and done. He could've done this differently. I don't disagree with what he did, just how he did it. He did this clumsily and it could cost him with high profile players in the future.

Gilbert is a businessman, a pretty good one from what I understand. I'm sure he's had to let some people go in this current economic climate. He should know this is a cutthroat world and sports isn't any different. He should go ask Mike Brown and Danny Ferry about that.       

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