Friday, July 9, 2010

The King's Final Decision

The LeBron-a-thon is finally over. After weeks of specualation and self promoting, LeBron James decided that Miami was the place he wanted to be. Its now time to usher in the era of "buddyball" as James will join Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade wth the Miami Heat.

I don't blame LeBron for leaving Cleveland. He was a free agent. Something every professional athlete works for, namely to better teir situation,financial or otherwise. Basketball wise I would've chosen Chicago,but word on the street is that Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf wouldn't give James' "team" the run of Chicago. You know James' team, His buddies from high school,hangers on that get perks like LeBron and get their bills paid for being yes men for him. Anyways, the way the Cavs were constructed they would've contended,but it just seems that whoever they put around him just doesn't seem to work out there. I personally don't think tey would've won a title. But if James stays and they win,its his title. He wouldn't look like the carpetbagger he is today. He truly would've been King James. Now it looks like he's trying to piggyback his way towards a title. I don't blame him though. He wants to be a champion and he figures going to play in Miami is the best way to get one or more. He left millions on the table to go chase a ring. Cavs fans, what is the crime in that? None last time I checked. I had a previous post about forgoing money for titles. There's nothing wrong with that. I just don't agree with the way he did it. We didn't need a faux 60 Minutes special for him to make his "decision" and dragging this out.

Everyone will say the Heat is trying to buy a title. Doing it the "Yankee Way". Once again there's nothing wrong with an owner willing to come up with money to spend to get a winner in the city their in. The only problem I see is their current depth. Who do they get to surround Bosh,James, and Wade? At least the Celtics had a few young pieces in place when their big three won their championship. I guess they have a deal with Mike Miller, but also traded former number two pick,Michael Beasley to Minnesota. Also don't be surprised if Pat Riley finds his way back to the bench, backstabbing Erik Spoelstra, just like he did Stan Van Gundy. Don't hand the championship to them just yet, as they still have to contend with Orlando, the "Green Monster" in Boston, and of course, Kobe and the Lakers. 

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