Sunday, July 11, 2010

Let him go

In the wake of USC releasing Seantrel Henderson from his national letter of intent, there's a similiar story brewing in Chicago. The University of DePaul won't grant a release to Walter Pitchford from his letter of  intent. Pitchford was recruited by coach Jerry Wainwright and committed to Depaul. Problem is, during last season Wainwright was given the ax. Pitchford a 6-10 center decided he wanted out and try his luck elsewhere. No problem right? Wrong. Depaul has behaved like the bully on the block and won't release him. This is ridiculous. I'm not trying to bash the young man, but he was a two star recruit from the info I read on But he was good enough to be recruited by several Division I schools. So why are the Blue Demons intent on keeping the young man? The athletic director (Jean Lenti Ponsetto) said they wanted to find a player to replace him at the same time. This is the biggest bunch of bull I've heard. Let the young man go. He clearly doesn't want to be there. Why keep him? Maybe he didn't connect with the current coach Oliver Purnell. Maybe he was made promises by the former regime that won't be kept under the current one. You always hear that you choose the school, not the coach. The main reason a player chooses a school is because of the coach. Once the coach leaves or gets fired, the player really has no interest in staying with the program.

You see that USC released Henderson, a mega recruit, so he could head to Miami. That was in the wake of USC going on probation. They could've easily told him no. Recently Kansas State granted Dominique Sutton a transfer to a school closer to home and his two children. Sutton was a key player in K-State's run to the Elite Eight. So there should be no reason DePaul wouldn't grant Pitchford a release. If they don't release him, it could hurt with other recruits, as Purnell tries to turn this once proud program around. DePaul needs to think twice about holding this young man hostage in a place he doesn't want to be.

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