Monday, July 12, 2010

The Story That Won't Die

I'm sure you've heard what everyone else has. You know, Jesse Jackson's statement about Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert. In a nutshell, he said Gilbert's reaction to LeBron James' departure from the Cavaliers reflected a slavemaster mentality. Sorry Jesse, I don't think it's that deep. While I don't agree with the way Gilbert reacted, I also don't think of major league sports owners as "slavemasters". Hell, James must be the most encumbered slave in the history of the United States. If making around $20 million is being enslaved, then put the shackles on me and sign me up. This adds another level of absurdity to this whole saga.

First, I don't agree with the way James put his free agent status on display. It was ridculous. Lots of people watched,but it was ridiculous. I don't agree with the way he left the Cavs in a lurch. If he knew he was going to leave, he could've told them sooner so they could proceed with a plan B. Now you know why Gilbert is so angry.

Which brings me to Gilbert. I hate to say it, but he acted like a bitch. I can understand he has to galvanize the fan base in Cleveland to sell tickets and make money. But with the fans already burning James' jersey, he did nothing but add fuel to the fire and possibly put James' life in danger anytime he sets foot in the State of Ohio. I do agree with Jackson in that regard. Gilbert knows he's lost about half the value of his team and they're about to return to the Cadavalier days and he knows it. He also knows he won't win a championship before James in Miami,but he has to be a showman to get someone to buy tickets there.

Now this is something Jesse Jackson shouldn't be involved in. It was front page and I guess he had to get involved and get in the spotlight in some kind of way. Comparing this to slavery is an insult to thosewho went through it and the descendants of those who went through involuntary servitude. Last time I checked playing in the NBA was the farthest thing from slavery, involuntary servitude, etc. Please,stay out of this one Jesse. Isn't there some hostages that need to be freed somewhere?

This story just doesn't want to die. All parties besides James, need to let go and move on.

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