Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Shaq, The Big Leprechaun

The Big Leprechaun, The Big Clover, or whatever Shaquille O'Neal decides to call himself these days has landed in Boston. The Celtics signed the 38 year old O'Neal to a two year deal. Now he gets to join all the star geriatrics in Boston. To be honest, I kinda like the deal, even though the Big Diesel is on the verge of breaking down. Boston gets someone to fill the hole left by Kendrick Perkins and people like me still get to hear quick one liners from Shaq. Especially this year a they try to keep up with the Miami Heat, who rounded out their roster with a bunch of ring chasing vets.Hopefully we can see more ESPN commercials like this.

Even though Shaq really didn't fit in with Cleveland, he might do just fine in Boston. The Celts do like to run when they have the chance, but they are more likely to shut you down on defense, wear you down, and be effiecient on offense. As long as they don't let Shaq dominate the ball when he's in the game, the Celts should be ok. Only if he has a matchup he can still exploit. Also don't have him in late in the game. If they can do that this experiment just might work out. If not it might go the way of the Stephon Marbury experience. Hey at least there's still a character in the game. Which means i get more ridiculous Comcast commercials and maybe get one more hilarious ESPN spot.

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