Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tiger Needs More Time Off

Tiger needs moments alone like this.

It's fairly obvious that the cheating scandal and subsequent divorce Tiger Woods has gone through is affecting his golf game. I'm no golf honk, but he's just not right. He had one,maybe two good showings since he came back and now he shoots a 74 (however you calculate that) in the first round at the Bridgestone Invitational. He has fallen and fallen hard.

He's been struggling with his game, missing short putts and butchering the course altogether. I don't watch golf so bear with me. I think this is more mental than what he's letting on. Everything he has gone through has affected him and his glf game in the worse way. He says he intends to play his way on to the Ryder Cup team. I don't think so. He needs to take some time off. Like the rest of the golf season, however that works out. Hit some links at the local muni and get some practice in. Hell, even Allen Iverson thinks you need practice. Knock the rust off and maybe call old swing guru Butch Harmon to get your game back. It's obvious you don't have it right now.

As a sports fan, you keep waiting for the old Tiger Woods to appear. The one that whacked the competiton early in a tournament, or distanced himself from the field on Saturday, or made the late charge on Sunday. Right now, none of that is happening. The only way he gets it back is to clear his mind, because it doesn't seem to be on golf. Maybe not having his mistresses around has also affected his game.        

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