Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What I Saw In College Football

Soon the BCS standings will come out and all the shouting and controversy can begin. Its wide open now since South Carolina knocked off big, bad, Bama. It appeared that the Tide had flaws in their game, but had enough poise and moxie to cover them. Now they'll need to win out and hope for help. Lots of help. It's not out of the realm of possibility. Stranger things have happened.

Les Miles lives dangerously and survives- You talk about a cat with nine lives. Everytime it looks like he's exhausted his chances, he does something screwy and gets away with it. For a week Miles was ripped for another time management debacle against Tennessee only to get a HUGE repreive when Tennessee had 13 men on the field. This time he pulls a fake field goal and received the most fortuitous bounce in the college football season so far. Add to that it was very close to being a forward pass. Miles coaches like a man on fire. He doesn't win in a conventional way, but he somehow gets it done. He has the Tigers in the mix right now.

The bandwagon crashes- That loud noise you heard was the driver and last person jumping from the Michigan bandwagon. I hate to say i told you so, but I told you so. Denard Robinson is a great talent. He just can't win the game alone. The defense is atrocious. They couldn't tackle the local high school team. And of course, everyone is calling for Rich Rodriguez's head right now. Just see it for what it is. Michigan State played the role of the bully and won for the third straight year. Look at Rodriguez's teams at West Virginia. If teams ( South Florida and Pittsburgh) don't back down from them it throws their whole game out of whack. The Wolverines need to learn to fight back. They have a tough one against Iowa Saturday, so this game could be an indicator of how the rest of the season goes.

The Pac-10- This could easily be the best confernece or the worse. It depends on how you look at it. Any of four teams could win the conference(Arizona, Oregon, Stanford ,Oregon State). Each of them could lose a game they shouldn't, as evidenced by Stanford's escape over USC. They play terrific offense and no defense. It's almost like a Playstation game every Saturday.

Michigan State- They had a plan against Denard Robinson and Michigan and stuck to it. That game should provide a blueprint on how to play Michigan. Don Treadwell has done a good job filling in for Mark Dantonio on the sidelines. Treadwell will be a hot name in coaching circles this offseason. Let's hope he doesn't step in a hopeless situation. The Chris L. Rucker off field problem took the luster off a fantastic week for the Spartans. The Spartans can take control of the Big Ten race if they can keep the momentum rolling in the next few weeks.

Utah will have something to say in the BCS race- The Utes are quietly putting together an impressive resume. They are one of the unbeaten 13 right now. They also have a showdown against TCU that should decide the Mountain West. As far as the "mid-majors" go, Boise State might want to be more concerned about Utah than anyone.

Hey Florida, how about being outta  the national championship race this early.

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