Friday, December 24, 2010

Jordan Tabs Oakley For Assistant Job

After Larry Brown "resigned" from the head coaching job with the Charlotte Bobcats, it seemed that it might take a while for someone to take over that shipwreck. When Brown resigned the rest of the staff took off with him. The only person that really wanted the job was Paul Silas, and he got it. He had to round out his coaching staff and owner Michael Jordan helped him out by giving Charles Oakley a job as an assistant coach.

You remember Oakley, Jordan's chief enforcer/protector when they were both in Chicago. He also was instrumental in bringing him to Washington in his final comeback. He became a partying buddy of his as well. Now he'll be keeping the players in line from the bench. First golfing buddy and former Bulls teammate Rod Higgins gets a GM job and now this. What's next Charlie Sheen as the team advisor? This hiring has a whiff of nepotism to it if I ever saw one. Now I would never tell Oak face to face that he doesn't have the credentials for an assistant coaching job. But when you think about it, does he? Hey who knows, he probably could still whip some of those young bucks. I'd still take Oakley over crazy Captain Jack. And he was a good rebounder and defender, so he might can teach the bigs a few things on positioning and rebounding.

It could work, but I think it might not. This is just based on Jordan's executive track record. Don't let Oakley interact with the media too much. He's tough and old school and brings something the Bobcats have lacked. Toughness.

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