Wednesday, January 5, 2011

AFC's Fourth Quarter

The playoffs are all set and you have to put the Patriots and Steelers among the favorites. A look at the final weeks in the AFC.

New England Patriots- Strange, once they got rid of Randy Moss the Patriots took off. Odds on favorite to win it all. It'll be tough but Brady and Co. have been through it all before.

Pittsburgh Steelers- The road to the Super Bowl goes through New England. Don't count out Pittsburgh. They have what it takes to win it all.

Baltimore Ravens- The Ravens are afraid of no one. That only means they'll be a tough out. Joe Flacco has to kick it up a notch to get them to another level.

New York Jets- The Jets seem to be all talk right about now. I won't be surprised to see them go out with a whimper. They have a bad draw against the Colts this weekend.

Indianapolis Colts- Are they getting a semblance of health? If they are look out. Another team that will be tough to get rid of.

Kansas City Chiefs- A pleasant surprise. I didn't think they would hold up and win the division. We'll se how much Matt Cassel learned while he was Tom Brady's understudy.

San Diego Chargers- How does Norv Turner still have a job? Also, A.J. Smith sabotaged the season with his hardcore negotiating.

Jacksonville Jaguars- Can't really figure them out. They folded down the stretch. The might have higher expectations next year.

Oakland Raiders- They got rid of the "Cable Guy". Bad move Mr. Davis. He was the only man that really wnted the job. Jim Harbaugh would be a fool to come here. The team's future is a little brighter though.

Miami Dolphins- Once again, a team in need of a quarterback. They haven't had one since Dan Marino retired.

Houston Texans- When will they finally get over the hump? They'll have a new defensive coordinator (Wade Phillips) so there will be no more excuses.

Tennessee Titans- Bud Adams needs to make the right choice and move on from Vince Young.

Cleveland Browns- The Eric Mangini firing might've been the start of some major housecleaning.

Cincinnati Bengals- One of the most underachieving teams in the AFC. Carson Palmer has regressed and may need a change of scenery.

Denver Broncos- A team in need of a total makeover. Get ready for some lean years Bronco fans.

Buffalo Bills- Not much to say about the Bills. Ryan Fitzpatrick made himself some money and the team somewhat entertaining at times.

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