Wednesday, January 5, 2011

NFC's Fourth Quarter

The season has ended and the playoffs are set to begin. The Atlanta Falcons locked up homefield advantage but will have a tough time fending off the other NFC challengers.

Atlanta Falcons- They do have Matt Ryan and homefield. For some reason I'm just not sold on the Falcons to make it to the Super Bowl.

Chicago Bears- Getting a home game will help them in the playoffs. If Mike Martz reverts to wacky playcalling and Jay Cutler starts forcing the issue the Bears will be in trouble.

Green Bay Packers- Still waiting for them to hit full stride. Some are still picking them to go to the Super Bowl. I wouldn't be surprised if they make some significant damage in the playoffs.

Philadelphia Eagles- The defense will have to play better for the Eagles to fly high in the playoffs. Michael Vick will have to put this team on his back.

New Orleans Saints- I wouldn't bet against them making it back to the Super Bowl. I have a sneaky feeling about this team.

New York Giants- Just missing the playoffs might've saved Tom Coughlin's job. I think it's something between the ears that plagues this team.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Raheem Morris has the young Bucs on the right track. Next year will prove if their for real. They need to improve their record against winning teams.

Dallas Cowboys- The Cowboys are much better than their record. I would think Jerry Jones would keep Jason Garrett, since he paid a lot of money to keep him. Whoever is named coach will have a ready made situation.

Detroit Lions- Took some significant steps this year, winning their last four. I want to believe, but I've seen this movie before (see 1989).

Seattle Seahawks- Hate them all you want but they won the division fair and square.

St. Louis Rams- Sam Bradford is the real deal. He should ascend to the second tier of quarterbacks next year. There is hope for the Rams.

Minnesota Vikings- Team dysfunctional. Need I say more.

San Francisco 49ers- The Niners need an answer at quarterback. That is what did Mike Singletary in. he just "could not win with em".

Washington Redskins- Personally I think this team needs to be blown up. It's just not working in D.C.

Arizona Cardinals- Another team in need of a quarterback. They looked lost all season without Kurt Warner to bail them out.

Carolina Panthers- They'll have a new coach on the sidelines. The Panthers will be undergoing a reconstruction.    

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