Wednesday, January 19, 2011

All Texas All The Time

The University of Texas and ESPN have will join forces on a 24 hour network that will focus on everything Texas, from sports to historical programming.

It'll be all Texas all the time. Maybe we'll get to see old footbal highlights from the Darrell Royal era. Or some hoops highlights from the late 80's-early 90's (remember the Strollin Nolan game vs. Arkansas).

I think it's a bit much for one university to have it's own network. I live in Big Ten country and I really don't care to watch the Big Ten network. Except when I can watch Michigan blow out some non-descript scrub team. I do like UT hoops so maybe I could catch a game or two if they offer national coverage.

Other things the Longhorn network could cover.

1.The John Mackovic era of UT football.

2. What happened to Lance Blanks, Reggie Freeman, Kris Clack and every good Longhorns basketball player that didn't make it to the NBA.

3.The Texas State Fair

4. Bevo's bloodlines.

5.Earl Campbell highlights

Slowly but surely every cash cow university will start to follow suit with their own network. Complete with boring programming. It'll be just another channel among hundreds that hard working people like myself will have to pay for, but really can't afford. 

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