Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Love Them Or Hate Them. The Jets Are Good For Football

Deion Branch calls them classless. CBS announcers feel they have some bush league antics. Reggie Jackson thinks they should shut up and play. The 'they' I refer to is the New York Jets. I say if you want them to shut up, simply beat them. I love what they're doing and their brashness is a breath of fresh air to the NFL and I love it.

I love it when you get a team that talks big, wins, and talks some more. That describes the New York Jets. From the head coach all the way down to the 53rd man. They talk a big game. For the most part, they've backed it up. Remember when coach Rex Ryan first came on the scene, he said that he "respected the New England Patriots, but he wasn't there to kiss Bill Belichick's Super Bowl rings". That led to the beginning of the fastest rising rivalry in the NFL. Before the playoffs Ryan said that his team were the favorites to win the Super Bowl. Bold words cnsidering they went in with a 9-7 record. Alas, they were one game away from playing for it all. The playoff games against the Indianapolis Colts and Patriots were "personal".  There was Antonio Cromartie's verbal lambasting of Tom Brady. They won both games and once again are one game away from the Super Bowl. Think about this, all of the Jets' playoff wins have been on he road. For all their macho bluster, they back it up.

Bart Scott's postgame interview typified how the Jets feel.


I'm not the biggest Jets fan and do believe they do a lot of woofing, but they back it up. I tend to like teams like this. the team that wears the villain hat with gusto. Not being smug and cocky like the Patriots. I believe that Super Bowl week would be a whole lot of fun with this cast of characters. Rex Ryan, sounding like his dad Buddy,and the outspoken Bart Scott would be enough for me right there. They've toned it down for the AFC championship game against Pittsburgh this week, only because the Steelers haven't said or done anything to raise their ire. Both teams seem to have a healthy respect for each other. It wouldn't surprise me though, if the Jets win, one of them takes a Terrible Towel a simulates wiping their backside with it.

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