Monday, January 10, 2011

Anthony: Chauncey Belongs In Denver

Who's running the Denver Nuggets? Carmelo Anthony or Josh Kroenke. Just when it seems the Nuggets are close to making a deal Carmelo Anthony starts wavering about signing a contract extension with the New Jersey Nets. Then he says that he doesn't want Chauncey Billups to be traded with him and that Billups belongs in Denver, where he's a local hero of sorts. That was after Billups went as far as saying he wouldn't want to play for the Nets and seek a buyout.

The Nuggets are assassinating their franchise. They're blowing it up without really needing to. Personally I think their window of opportunity is shut, but Kobe Bryant is due to go away and there will be a new king in the Western Conference. But since Anthony doesn't want to stick around they want to take some dynamite to their team and start over. If I were in the front office I'd make the best deal possible. Damn where he wants to go. Management holds the cards and they have to assure themselves they are getting fair value in return. Speaking of management, I won't let them off the hook either. They keep coming up with outrageous trade demands, like asking for five first round picks or trying to get rid of Al Harrington's bad contract. Anthony and his agent are driving this whole thing and the Nuggets brass is doing everything to accomodate them.

The Nuggets need to end this saga soon. Word is there is a trade to New Jersey close to being done. Deep down Anthony doesn't want to go there. He wants to go with the New York Knicks and form his own superteam with Amare Stoudemire and whatever third wheel that will agree to play with them. If I'm the Nuggets I hold him hostage until I got the best deal, not the other way around. 

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