Monday, January 10, 2011

Mario Bennett Beaten In Romania

Unless your a hardcore sports fan like myself, you probably don't remember former Arizona State star Mario Bennett. After his days as a Sun Devil, Bennett was drafted by the Phoenix Suns with the 27th pick. He also spent some time with the Lakers and Bulls before heading overseas.

Bennett made the news in a not so postive way Saturday. While attending a Ja Rule concert in Bucharest, Romania, where he plays for CSM Bucharest, Bennett was invited on stage by Ja Rule. Then security proceeded to "beat him like a dog" according to Bennett. Bennett was hospitalized with head injuries. H ehad gashes on his scalp and injuries to his legs.

Now I'm not going to dog Bennett for being in Romania and making an honest living. The problem I have is why in the hell is Bennett at a Ja Rule concert. No one goes to Ja Rule concerts anymore stateside. Don't take this out of context, but he should've been beat just for going to the concert. I know there's not much out there for a brother in Romania, but a Ja Rule concert.  I guess Ja Rule can go overseas since they probably don't know how over his career is.Mario,next time engage in some kind of cultural experience.  

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