Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dorsett Says He Would Go For 2,000 In Today's NFL

Tony Dorsett has the same feelings Michael Jordan has about today's athlete. think back to when Jordan said he would go for 100 in a game in today's NBA. Dorsett has the same feelings about defensive players in today's NFL. He's not impressed with the tackling going on in today's game. He also isn't thrilled about the prospect of an 18 game schedule.

Dorsett feels if he played today he would've challenged Emmitt Smith for the all time rushing record. He feels he would've been of of the best in today's game.

“I’d probably a perennial 2,000-yard rusher the way players tackle now. “Probably one of the best if not THE best,” Dorsett said. “The art of tackling is gone in the National Football League. I was watching one of these playoff game a few years ago – I think it was Carolina – and they were in the red zone, about the five-yard line. And this back, he jumps off-tackle in the guard-tackle gap, and he got hit by three linebackers. He bounced off all three of these linebackers and I said, ‘You know, if I was up in New York with Lawrence Taylor, Harry Carson and Carl Banks, there is no way on God’s earth I could have shaken all three of those guys. Because they’re going to hit you and they’re going to WRAP and drive your butt to the ground. They don’t that anymore."

If he played in the era with Barry Sanders and Emmitt Smith maybe he wouldbe one of the best. Right now he would IF he wasn't stuck in a timeshare backfield like he was early in his career. Dorsett's game was made on making you miss and running by defenders. There's nothing wrong with that.

“If you’re going out there looking for that contact, you’re going to get a lot of it,” he said. “It’s going to take its toll on you in a very short time-span and long after.”

With his speed he might've been one of the best if he played today. Here's Dorsett's thought's on an 18 game schedule.

“I think (another two games) is asking an awful lot – especially if you have only five years post-football health insurance. Most of these degenerative injuries take longer than five years before you really start breaking down physically.”

I agree. Not much is done for the players after their done playing the game. I know they make a lot of money. But some of them end up broke, homeless, and can barely walk. I say guaranteed contracts if they go to 18 games.


Scott said...

I think Dorsett was one of the greatest of all-time, but who knows about perennial 2,000 yard rusher? I agree that tackling is not what it could/should be in the NFL, especially from the majority of the cornerbacks and safties. I think some of the linebackers today would certainly rival the best linebackers of the 70s for proper and fierce tackling though.

c note said...

You know how all these former athletes are. They'd come in and outperform all of today's young stars.