Saturday, January 15, 2011

The NFL Police Are At It Again

What's wrong with some good, clean, old fashioned hate in the NFL? Like the old Raiders-Steelers rivalry. The Buddy Ryan 'bounty bowl'. The hard hitting games from years past. That was some good football. Now Roger Goodell and his lieutenants want to take more out of the game. Players are being warned that there will be no more trash talking. To be more specific the threatning of other players.

“Ray Anderson reminded players that comments of a physically threatening nature are always taken into account in evaluating discipline for any illegal physical contact on the field,” league spokesman Greg Aiello said Saturday.

Now I don't mind the pre-game banter between players of opposing teams. That's part of the game. It's been going on for years. There have always been threats made on other players. It's just nowdays those threats are made more public than in years past. With the various media and internet outlets, something that is said among teammates gets leaked out in the news.

There has been a lot going on this week, but consider the teams. More specifically the AFC games. Pittsburgh/Baltimore, New York/New England. Two of the fiercest rivalries going today. You had Bart Scott practically putting a hit out on the Patriots' Wes Welker. There was Antonio Cromartie loud talking om Brady. Terrell Suggs with the 'middle finger salute' shirt. The Jets are still feeling sour about the 45-3 beatdown in Foxboro. The Jets' Braylon Edwards felt the Patriots ran up the score. The Steelers and Ravens is a flat out blood feud. Nothing more needs to be said about those two. They simply don't like each other. Respect yes, love no.

"You shouldn’t like who you are going up against right now,” Rex Ryan said. “This is the playoffs. I can tell you our whole team respects Brady and the Patriots. But hey, we don’t like any of them right now. You shouldn’t. (Former Jets running back) Danny Woodhead is a great kid, but I can’t stand Danny Woodhead right now.

“I think that’s just part of it, and trust me, the feeling is mutual.”

Let these players play. Everyone knows it's a hard hitting, violent sport. There's bound to be some extra chatter before, during, and after. Let's leave it be and let the men be men.  

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