Saturday, January 22, 2011

Islanders Block Red Wings For Nabokov

The New York Islanders placed a claim on free agent goalie Evgeni Nabokov which blocked the Detroit Red Wings' one year deal with the 35 year old goalie.

Nabokov hasn't reported to the Islanders which leaves them with the option of suspending him without pay or putting him back on waivers. If I'm the Islanders, I put him on waivers because you know he doesn't want to go to play for that crap squad in Long Island.

I'm no hockey honk or anything like that, but why did the Islanders sign him? They aren't going anywhere and haven't since the 1980's. I know you guys have goalie problems with injuries and all right now, but you're nowhere close to winning anything and having Nabokov aboard makes no sense. If you were close it's a good pickup. The Isles haven't contended for anything in over 20 years.

Chris Osgood echoes my sentiment. "The Islanders are terrible so I'm not sure why they did that," Osgood said.

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