Sunday, January 23, 2011

West Virginia Player Leaves Game

This is something you'd expect from the NBA not college basketball. West Virginia backup forward Dan Jennings left the game during the Mountaineers win over South Florida.

I find it strange that someone on scholarship would pull this kind of stunt, especially playing for Bob Huggins. Being a fan of Cincinnati when Huggins was there, he probably had a good reason to have Jennings sitting on the bench. Huggins called the absence "unexcused".

Jennings was dressed for the game but didn't play today. He appeared in 14 games and averaged 2 points and 2.5 rebounds. That included four starts. Like I said, knowing Huggins there was a reason he wasn't playing. I guess he felt he should be getting more time, but isn't that the case with everyone?

You know Huggins had his usual "candid" response ready when asked about Jennings. "Unexcused, inexcusable. Never to be seen again, I guess.”

You know Huggs, quick and to the point. I would guess that he probably won't be returning to the team anytime soon, but Huggins has been known to give players second chances.

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