Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chuck Long Facing Foreclosure

In these tough economic times you really don't like to harp on anyone's misfortune, but sometimes you can't avoid it. I guess former San Diego St. football coach and ex-Iowa Hawkeye great Chuck Long struggles with mortgage payments like the average citizen.

The house he bought while he was coaching San Diego State is scheduled to be auctioned off in foreclosure on March 23. Now it's not like Long is hurting for money or job security so why he defaulted on his payments is beyond me. 

Long bought the house in Poway, California in 2007 for $1.38 million. It was recently assessed for $893,000. Much less for what he bought it for.

Long was paid $700,000 from 2006-2009 so it's not like he couldnt've made the payments. Records show Long defaulted on his payments last August. He's now the offensive coordinator at Kansas.

Apparently Long knew nothing about the defaults or foreclosure, because in an e-mail he stated that it was "news to him" and that he's in escrow with a potential buyer. How do you not know when your house is going under. Ask any homeowner, they'll tell you that they're in the loop about their finances regarding their home. Let's see if Chuck can work this out to a better ending and learn from this mistake.

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