Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shawn Kemp Not Impressed With Blake Griffin's Dunk

Shawn Kemp was one of the hardest dunkers in the NBA before he went on a see-food diet and ate himself out of the league. His behavior didn't help, but his weight was a big issue. Hell, he was the most gifted fatman I've ever seen play (John "Hot Plate" Williams was up there as well).

Well the "Reignman" wasn't all that impressed with Blake Griffin's winning dunk at the slam dunk contest.

Kemp classified the dunk as weak and feels he could do better, even at age 41.

"I'm a big Blake Griffin fan, but that dunk at the contest might've been the weakest dunk in the dunk contest that I've seen in a long time. I love the choir and all that stuff was great, but you at least gotta jump over the car though right? He swung over the car and landed on the hood of the car. I think he should at least be able to jump over the front of the car. I'm 41 years old and right now I could do it. Two Smart Cars."

Ok he's right, but saying he could do it over two Smart cars. Seeing is believing. And until we see Kemp do it, it's all talk and wishful thinking. Good luck in training for that feat Shawn.


Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if he swung back and forth and stayed on the car, do you know why? Because it was good enough to WIN.

Anonymous said...

Yeah well everyone knew, even before All-Star weekend, the dunk contest was going to be rigged for Griffin to win.

c note said...

They weren't going to let JaVale McGee win, but Griffin's final dunk hadn't been done before and it was good enough to win.